To us,
A builder is a person that
Loves building stuff.
A builder loves solving problems
He takes thing apart, and puts them back together with a few of his own modification, making the whole things better than before.
A builder isn't happy with the way things currently work
A builder doesn't accept "that's just how it is" as an answer. He or she will think hard, and work hard, to create new things that make life better.
Why is NAB
the home of
Because everyone in the team, from the founders to the interns, the coders, the designers, the business guys,
We are all builders.
We never do the same thing twice. Everything that we do will be more challenging than the previous one. We learn, we tinker,
We build together.
After all, our motto is
“We make f’king awesome apps”
and we mean it.
Are you
a builder?
Below, you will find many positions in our team, see if there’s anything that tickles your builder spirit, then press “Apply”.